About us

Our product portfolio includes application – specific solutions, cold-swelling starches made with drum dryer technology, a wide range of modified corn starches and modified potato starches

It is obtained by thermal treatment of native corn starch․ This product creates translucent, and stretchy gels with an average length and medium viscosity nature․

Pregelatinized starch and its processed product having thickening, gelatinizing, emulsifying, texturing and binding properties are commonly used for pharmaceutical industry, food industry and other non-edible industry․

Pregelatinized Starch is a modified starch, which greatly endues the compressibility as well as improves the flow characteristics of the tablets․ It is the excellent filter for tablets and capsules․ It best as dry binder, increases tablet disintegrants․

It is used as filler and a thickening agent for food products, particularly for those that do not required cooking․ It is a texturing and thickening agent for production of dressings, fruit fillings, powdered desserts, creams, confectionery, gelflix and instant desserts․
It is also semi-finished product for snacks․

To meet the expectation of our current and future customers, quality department conducts analyses and tests to extend the products applicability․

Implementation of the various tests makes it possible to find specific usage for range of offered products. Vikram starch careful clean label pregel starch delivers quality and functionality similar to modified starch with taste, appearance and process tolerance as the most important parameters․


Clean label starch delivers a pleasant texture and a full bodies mouthfeel


Clean lael starch is white in colour, cooked and not interfere in final products. The starch delivers
an appetizing shiny surface

Natural Taste

Pregel starch has a bland and neutral taste which does not affect the flavor of the final product

Good Stability

Pregel starch is tolerant to low PH and provides good storage and freeze/thaw stability

Process Tolerant

Pregel starch is tolerant to shear, heat and acid